How to create a curved line in Brother scan and cut canvas workspace

1- Open canvas workspace.

2- Click on the path tool.

3- Click on your workspace. a node will appear. you can now draw a line. To draw a straight line hold the Shift key down while you are drawing your line. Double click to end the line.

4- Click on the left node.

5- Click on the + node icon to add a node to your line.

6- With the new node selected, click on the curve icon.Two more nodes will appear these are the handles to use to create a curve.

7- Click and drag one of the handles. The line will curve dependent on how far you move the handle.

8- You can click on the other handle and curve the opposite way.

9- You can add as many nodes as you like and curve as many times as you like.

10- Once you are finished you can click away from the design. when you re click once onto your line you are able to make the line smaller or larger.

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