How to Remove Background in Silhouette Studio

In Silhouette Studio, you have the power to transform most images into cut files by easily removing the background. Whether you’re using the free Basic version or any other version of Silhouette Studio, this feature is accessible and incredibly handy for various projects, including mock-ups and sublimation.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of removing backgrounds from images in Silhouette Studio, allowing you to create clean and precise cut files for your cutting machine. From simple shapes to intricate designs, this technique can be applied to a wide range of images to suit your crafting needs.

Let’s dive into the world of background removal in Silhouette Studio and unlock the potential to turn images into versatile cut files. Get ready to elevate your crafting game and unleash your creativity with Silhouette Studio!

Step 1 – Create a Cut Selection

For this tutorial we want to cut the group of friends from the background. To do this a selection needs to be created with the Draw a curve shape and the Edit points tool. We will refer to the selection as cut lines. While this may take a little time, a more accurate cut line is created. Click on the Line Tools and select Draw a curve shape.

Zoom in on the photo and click to place your first point. Each time you click, a new point will be placed and each point will have a slight curve. To move around the canvas, press the Spacebar and click + drag the mouse. Don’t worry if the line curves too much in one or more areas.

We will fine tune the cut line a little more with the Edit points tool.

Carry on to place points around the subjects until you come back to the first edit point. Place the last edit point over the first and they will automatically join.

Step 2 – Edit the Cut Lines with Point Editing

The cut line is almost ready but we need to refine it a bit more. Click on the Edit points tool on the left side panel. Alternatively double click the cut line to open the Edit points menu. This type of editing is called Point Editing.

Using the editing options, adjust each point with the node handles. Add and delete nodes where necessary until you are happy.

In this image, we have also added cut lines to areas between the hands where the background shows. Each area will be seen as a separate object. For the next step to work all of the cut lines need to be made into a single compound path.

If your selection consists of only one cut line, you don’t need to make a compound path.

Selecting the cut lines can be a bit tricky with photos. To quickly select all of the lines click on Edit then Select by color. Under the Select by color menu choose the color of the cut line. In this case our cut line is red. All red cut lines will be selected.

With the cut lines selected, click on the Object menu at the top and select Make compound path. The cut lines will become one object.

Step 3 – Use the Modify Panel to Crop the Background

In this tutorial, we will be using the modify panel.On the right hand side click on the Modify panel to open the menu. Click + drag a selection box around both the photo and the cut lines. Next, click on the Crop tool under the Modify panel.

The background is removed leaving a nice, clean cut out. In the Send menu the cut lines are visible around the selected areas.

The edit points can be adjusted to reveal any part of the image ‘cropped’ out. Click on one of the points and drag out to reveal the background.

A new background can be added and filled with a pattern from the Fill Panel.

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